Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer 2012: The Summer of Squatting

Squat [skwot], verb: to settle on or occupy property without any title, right, or payment of rent.

Okay, so the last part (rent) isn't accurate, but my name certainly wasn't on a lease for the duration of this summer (or the last four years for that matter).

Between the Minneapolis and San Francisco adventures, I migrated from Tucson to Las Vegas and back to Tucson this summer managing to raise hell all along the way!

The Las Vegas idea spawned from an off the cuff comment and grew into a full blown plan of action.  The highlight of the time spent in Las Vegas was, hands down, the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).  EDC is a three day electronic music festival complete with carnival rides. Lisa and I were obviously excited about the event because we purchased our tickets in January!  Costume planning started shortly thereafter but, being who we are, didn't actually  make purchases and piece the costumes together until the month prior to the event.  Even then, the finalized outfits didn't end up matching our ideas that we went into it with.

Round duo

New BFFs for the night

There was a lot of bad press about the event being shut down on the second night due to extremely high winds.  First of all, it simply isn't true that they closed down the event.  The main stages were evacuated because the massive speakers on the stages were shifting and there was a crowd safety issue.  However, the partiers were escorted to "safety zones" and asked to wait.  Initially, there weren't any performers in the safety zones.  Yeah, kind of boring, right?  This quickly prompted me to grab the hand of one of our group members and wander into the enormous crowds to meet new friends, if only for the night.  Thirty minutes later (don't quote me on time since it was irrelevant at this point), a party bus of sorts pulls up within arms reach from where I'm standing, a DJ hops out, sets up his equipment on the back of the truck, and starts jamming!  Awesome! Personally, this was my favorite night because I wasn't tethered to the VIP stage with the rest of the group.  Wandering on my own the other nights just was not an option given the size and scope of the event.  Regardless, I will be back next year!


Lisa, we're making one next year

See ya next year

When Sarah Bear arrived home from Afghanistan early July, I made my way back to Tucson.  Not only did I get loads of quality time with numerous friends, but I tied up loose ends regarding the upcoming move to icy tundra of Minneapolis (expect an entirely separate blog for this post).


Date night courtesy Momma Marcella

The whiskey triplets

One last time at Miss Saigon

Love this lady and her mini me

Essentially, this summer was for my own peace of mind before classes start in September and so I could spend time with my nearest and dearest before we're all geographically separated for a longer period of time than usual.  Then again, nothing is too far away when you're up for a good adventure (read: always).  Ultimately, this summer reiterated just how wonderful my friends truly are and I'm super stoked to see everyone that is flying in for my dirty 30 celebration in less than two weeks!  I doubtlessly feel like the luckiest person in the world when it comes to my support group. 

On to the next chapter!


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