Saturday, November 10, 2012

Balloons In a Bathtub

If you write a blog about a city you've already travelled to and no one's around to read it, did it really happen?

I debated not writing an entry for my most recent trip to SF.  I mean, I went to A'dam twice but only provided one rendition.  Then again, SF was too much stinkin' fun this time around that I figured, "why not?!"  Note: this entry is not about this kind of bathtub experience.

I'm a prankster.  Or at least I've become one and honed my skills over the last year or so.  It all started when I arrived in Tucson earlier this year and a good friend allowed me to squat in their house for the spring semester.  The roomie pulled small pranks here and there, like drawing faces on my hardboiled eggs and unrolling the toilet paper to write hidden messages on it and then re-rolling it for me to find during a future toilet adventure.  I upped the anti when this person returned from upgrade training and I'd placed nearly A POUND of glitter on top of his ceiling fan.  He recently moved cross-country to Delaware and still curses me for the glitter that's smashed into his rugs.

For Brody's birthday, I'd planned a string of gifts that lasted throughout the week--two pranks included.  The first of which was a balloon room.  I spent approximately four hours with a hand pump filling 284 (!!) balloons to fill the bedroom!  Random fact I learned about myself during this experience, I can only tie balloons with my left hand.  This blew my mind more than you know.  Especially since I'm right handed.

The look on his face was priceless when he opened the bedroom door! The balloons proved to be a great party activity too!  We had people over the last night I was in town and, oh boy, were the balloons a hit.  Balloons were everywhere!  The hallway outside of the apartment, the living room, even the bathtub!  Multiple sessions of "keep the balloon off the ground" were played and at one point, this sweet lady squealed with complete giddy, girly excitement, "OMG!!!  I NEED more balloons in my life!!" Seriously, I think that sums up the feelings of balloons in a nutshell and I highly recommend having a balloon room of your own.

The second surprise had been in the works for a full month and the details weren't smoothed out until a couple hours before it all unfolded.  Whew!  Many thanks to Naheed and Kohta for helping and of course to Baballons in SF for being so flexible.

Brody's Birthday Bananas

A random list of some of the other fun activities I/we participated in include driving up to Sonoma/Napa and spending the day vineyard hopping, attending a couple events for the Annual Public Health Conference, hitting up The Castro for Halloween, and heading to Oakland for a Knife Party show (one of my fave EDM artists).

And how could I forget?!  I was in SF when the Giants won the World Series!  I'm obvi not a sports fanatic but this was fantastical for a different reason.  Mr. B and I were sitting on the sofa watching the game when they swept the series.  I asked Brody to turn the TV down so we could hear the chaos going on in the streets.  His response?

"It is muted!"  Followed by, "we should go down there."

Queue gunshots and me jumping to my feet, "Let's GO!"

Yes, mom.  This is the daughter you raised.  Are we sure I should be in the public health (preventative) career field?  Not at all.

We quickly made our way down to the joyful mayhem and watched the nuttiness unfold.  It started out on a good note, but as all massive crowds do, it turned shady in a hurry.  Vehicles were trying to drive through the streets and were blocked by the masses.  Eventually, the cars became dance platforms which sucks on one level but it escalated to a new level when the crowds began jumping on the vehicles with the intent to crush them.  And crush them they did.

There were two city buses in the mix which made for a sturdy dance off floor.  That is until one of the partiers figured out how to open the rooftop escape hatch and they took the dance party indoors! Hilarious!  Although the people that were inside the bus trying to make their way home didn't find this amusing because they promptly began jumping from the windows of the bus.

Things got ugly when a fight broke out.  Call me crazy but I genuinely enjoy a good fight.  My grandad was a boxer and boxing is the only sport that I really get into where I scream at the television like a Neanderthal.  This particular fight didn't start or end fairly though.  We left the scene when a head thudded into the front of a bus.

And there you have it, a recap of my first riot.

I'm visiting again for a month over holiday break with an interim week in Tahoe over New Years for snowboarding sessions and the Snow Globe Music Festival (my birthday present from Brody)!

In the mean time, BFE North Carolina to meet my bestie's family, followed by end of semester projects and finals.


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