Monday, December 17, 2012

Zom-bee Pandemics and Bug-out Bags

That's right, zom-bee.  Let me start by saying that Sarah and I've never been so fearful for our lives.

As we sat in the house her mother grew up in, in Robbinsville, North Carolina, catching up and enjoying a glass of wine, we noticed a wasp hovering around the light.  Naturally, as one does, we reached for weapons to kill the wasp.  I opted for a tea towel and Sarah grabbed a fly swat and mini-crowbar/stake.  As we took turns blindly waving our battle accouterments at the beast, we squealed in fear. Suddenly, as Sarah swatted wildly into the general direction of the wasp, the light went out and we went running into separate areas of the house screaming like we were legitimately running for our lives!  Neither of us has ever seen the other move so quickly!  We reemerged and the wasp was nowhere to be found.  It now appears that we've found ourselves on a recon mission!  After minutes of searching, I spot the bugger being creepy and plotting his next attack from atop the curtains.  This time, we both made contact with him but he repeatedly got back up to terrorize us a while longer!

Hence, zom-bee.

Sarah grew up in the country and the trip was in the making for quite some time since she'd returned to Oklahoma with me earlier this year. The area afforded the opportunity to unplug and unwind!  Mobile reception was limited and the internet, well there wasn't really a need.  Our good friend, JJ, joined us Thanksgiving Day and the three best friends pagoda was complete.  We met all of Sarah's immediate family and most of her extended family on her daddy's side. It was a typical holiday feast and we enjoyed the wine that I'd shipped to Sarah from my Napa trip the month prior.  

Later that Turkey Day evening, we drove to a neighboring town, Murphey, to (as Sarah said) "experience the real South."  Let's just say the militia men weren't thrilled to have outsiders in their bar so we quickly moved on to her cousin Matthew's house.

Foreword: I grew up in Oklahoma, albeit in one of the larger cities, but my mother moved  us to "the sticks" my junior year of high school.  Robbinsville (where Sarah's immediate family lives) remains within my mental mold for what constitutes "the sticks," but my goodness,  Matthew's house!  Sir Matthew lives about 15-20 minutes from the nearest town (Murphey) in the foothills of the Appalachians. We were so utterly secluded that JJ and I teased Sarah and Matthew that they were actually plotting to torture us and no one would ever know!  We were without mobile service after all! Actually, it was glorious and when the real zombie pandemic occurs, that is the location where you can find us; bug-out bag included!

Matthew allowed us to infiltrated his life for a few days and we all had a wonderful time laughing the nights and days away, playing poker with dried beans as our currency, taking turns making meals for one another, and shooting firearms in the backyard firing range.  Matthew also has a cutie-pa-tootie, one-year old son named Wyatt so I soaked up the baby goodness that I've realized I'm missing from my life since I left all of my friends behind in Arizona.

Wait.  Who wrote that last sentence?!

Teaching Wyatt to Jam

It's an intimate thing to invite someone to the place where you grew up especially when it's not a typical suburban upbringing.  I think a lot of people take it for granted.  In all honesty, it didn't feel like I was meeting her family for the first time; they felt like my own family and they welcomed me as such.  JJ and I are invited back anytime we want (with or without Sarah-Bear)!!

The short jaunt to the Southeast wrapped up with a drive back to Hot-lanta where we met up with Dee Dee!  She was a few weeks fresh from the sandbox and was enjoying her R&R with her husband.  Can a trip be anymore successful?!  Three of the besties in four days!

Remembering when this picture caption would've said "All the Single Ladies"


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