Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sillytown or Bust

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and what happens in Amsterdam makes unicorns cry, then what happens in Sillytown will make you have Tourettes symptoms that involve howling at the moon.  Literally.

The adventure started in SF (yet again) where Nicholaus, the kid bro, came to visit for Christmas.  I demanded a day alone with him so we ventured to Alcatraz Island in the pouring rain.  It was a mad rush from building to building because the wind was causing the rain to come down horizontally!  However, Nicholaus and I found our uncle's name on the wall in memory of the Native American occupation in 1969.  History sesh:  the same uncle was part of the group in the Bay area in the 1960s that created the change of Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day; the holiday is still called that to this day.

I swear it was raining

Throw away the key

We also took Nicholaus to the Exploratorium which is super cool for people of all ages.

On Christmas day the four of us (Nicholaus, Brody, Dave, and myself) went to St. Anthony's Foundation to help serve meals to the homeless.  It was incredibly humbling but also rewarding as a sister to see Nicholaus work so hard to help those less fortunate.  

Transition to Sillytown:

Sillytown is the official location of the 2012 New Years Eve festivities in South Lake Tahoe (peep it) and was the kickoff point for the three day music festival, Snow Globe (Brody's birthday present to me from this past September)!  We drove out with a group of 8(ish) and stayed for a full week.  During the peak of the festival there were roughly 36 people camping out in the log mansion!

The closest we got to gathering the entire group at once

Seeming as this post is nearing six months past due, I'll refrain from any details although a blast was had by all!  I'm not promising to be better about blog posts at the moment  (I'm skipping two posts entirely from travels earlier this year) because graduate school is a time-suck...priorities...blahblahblah.  Next up, internship and thesis (OH, and Hawaii)!


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