About the Girl

My name is Tiffany and I'm a recent Master's of Public Health graduate from the University of Minnesota.  Well, I'm not from Minnesota, but their PH program was supposedly decent.  Keyword: supposedly.

I began this blog in March 2011 when I began a journey from Tucson, AZ USA to Nottingham, UK with the intent of studying abroad for a year. Unfortunately the study plans fell through but, fortunately, this meant I had the opportunity to spend three months traveling wherever my little heart desired!

I've since kept the blog active per the request of the many followers I gained during my journeys.  I intend to keep it as a travel-only blog because I am a passionate traveller and believe that I will never stop scooting around the world.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences and invite friends, family, and perfect strangers to tag along whilst I simultaneously keep a public record.

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